The good folks over at Geek and Sundry have made a wondrous thing, something that makes my inner teen bibliophile quiver with anticipation!

It’s called Sword and Laser.  It’s a book club for anyone interested in fantasy or sci-fi books.

I had seen the ads for it for a while, but didn’t watch it until recently.  (Recently being “this past Monday”)  Finally, I sat myself down and watched.

Not only are they discussing books, but on the first episode, they’re discussing an old favorite of mine – The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov.

I read this book series in the mid-90s, when I was but a wee girl of some teenage years.  I was at the library with my dad, complaining about the Dewey decimal system, when he put a bright-orange, hard-bound version with the first three books in my hands.

That, my friend, led to a LOT more books!

Alas, ’twas quite some time ago that I read at least four of the books (the trilogy plus one of the sequals) and started one of the prequels.  Thus, I’m afraid I don’t remember much of them beyond “The Mule” and the term “psychohistory”.  (You’d think that would mean the history of psychos, but no.  No it does not.)

Thus I’m now re-reading the first book, “Foundation”, on my Kindle.  If this continues, I may just become an Isaac Asimov fan all over again!

Questions:  What is your favorite genre of book?  What do you think of a book club online?    What do you think of Isaac Asimov?


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