There is no awesome clipart of getting fired, so here’s a picture of some pizza from Bertucci’s Italian and Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant in Boston instead!

Today (or yesterday, for those of you in the future), I was very kindly released from my job.

*cue shock, gasping, and “NO!”s from the audience.*

What does this mean for my writing?

No more excuses.  That’s what it means.

Plenty of time not just to write, but to plan out my writing.  To get stuff done in an orderly manner.  And to also look for a fulfilling career that doesn’t feel like it’s draining away all my creativity.

Here’s to new beginnings for old horizons!

Question:  What is your experience with jobs and careers?  Are you living the dream?  Working towards living the dream?  Or do you feel stuck in something completely wrong for you?


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