I always imagined that when I was finally released from the daily grind, that I would delve straight into writing and never let go.  I’d go home, and write furiously on my fiction, perusing the internet for writing gigs, and, in general, go after this writing thing full-tilt.

Turns out that I’m a slow starter.  Oh, and that I’m human.

For some reason, I never take into account that I’ll need to grieve, or my natural tendency to be a rather lazy self-starter.

I never imagine that there will be actual work involved when I’m day-dreaming.  All I’m thinking about (and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who does this), is “Man, it would be AWESOME if I wasn’t here at work when I could be home writing!”

You can replace those underlined parts with your own stuff, and you’ll see that it’s true.

Now, I could get massively depressed about this…or I could use the time allotted me to actually do the work.

But first, I need help with that whole “self-starter” thing.  Time and sadness has made me soft; I need to get my Motivation Muscles in shape again!

Thus, I turn to you, good readers!  In today’s question, I want you to leave a comment on what gets you motivated, or what your biggest discouragement is.

Question:  How do you get motivated?  What is the biggest discouragement to accomplishing your goals?


2 thoughts on “Theory of Motivation

  1. Hello, Liz. I also have trouble getting started on my writing. Sometimes I let Facebook or e-mail interfere and at other times, it is life itself that leads me away from writing. However, I’m going to make an honest attempt to meet the Post-A-Day-Challenge mentioned on your “Get Writing” page. Thanks for the incentive!

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