Catchphrase courtesy of local friends. 🙂

Finding work as a beginning freelancer is an interesting experience, especially for a “realist” like myself.

On the one hand, I am grateful for friends who have given me some excellent advice and possibly even leads with English tutoring and the like.

On the other, I don’t fully trust the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong; the Internet can be an awesome, wonderful source for encouragement and job/career sources.  But, how do you know what to trust?  How do you know where to post your profile?  What about the ever-paranoid fear that some weirdo stalker will find your profile on  These are the kinds of thoughts running through my mind.

I have to remember that, as scary as the world can be, I have a Guardian, a God who loves me and who is willing to help me if I will only ask for that help.  I have to remember that all these paranoid fears are just that – Paranoia.  I’ve never been stalked, my life has never been seriousely threatened by another person (though there have been some less-than-friendly animals I’ve run into), and in general, I feel like I know how to avoid bad situations when I’m out and about on my own.

I need to remember all this, and continue relying on the greatest Protector and Motivator of them all, and not give in to the fear and anxiety that the enemy throws my way.

Even if the enemy is me.  🙂

Question:  How do you deal with job/career search anxiety and fear?  What are the best and worst methods you’ve found of dealing with such things?  


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