I’m freaking out!

Why are you freaking out?

Because there’s too much to plan for, too much to find out, too much to do!!1

Start with the dishes, then.


That’s a lot of hate..

I know…I know! But…I don’t know!! Do I do chores first THEN work on free-lancing?! Or do I search Free-lancing for like an hour and then do laundry!! AND I HAVE AIKIDO TONIGHT AND NOTHING PLANNED FOR DINNER!!! AAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!1

You seriously need to calm down.

YOU calm down!

I’m calm. I’m always calm. I’m the calm, cool voice of reason.

Did you just say I was crazy?!

….What…? No, I-


Yes you are, but that’s besides the point.

*sits on the floor and throws a tantrum*


Do you feel better now?

*Gets up*

Yeah, I…I think I do.

So…what’s your plan going to be? 🙂

Dishes, possibly clothes, then work on freelance stuff.

There you go.

But what about nap time?!?!

What about it? You need to get used to staying awake during the day, girlie.

But I CAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAaaaaaAAaAaAAan’t!!!!

Yes, you can. Treat your body right, and you’ll discover all sorts of new and awesome ways to be.

Party-pooper. Nap-ruiner!

Yeah yeah, whatever.

But…but what about my stories?! I want to write them, but I DON’T want to write them!!! AUGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!! *flails around in a panic*


You’ll get to it. If nothing else, use NaNo to get into the groove in a week or whatever.

Oh. Yeah. Right. But still…!!!! I always said that if I got away from the daily grind that I’d wake up in the morning and do nothing but write write write until all my crap was written!!1

Fine! Then write after you do the dishes.

I dun wanna. Want nap!

NO NAPS!! Good gravy, you are stubborn!

I now has sad face. 😦

Look, just…focus on one thing at a time. Do the dishes and/or clothes, then do whatever else. But whatever you do, do your best to avoid napping.

Yes, ma’am..

Good. Glad we’ve got that out of the way.



No nap..?



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