I enjoy X-Files.   And by ‘enjoy’, I mean that it is one of my favorite television programs of all time!

Sadly, when it was first airing back in the ’90s and early ’00s, I was unable to watch it; , I was living at home which was several miles outside of the city limits.  This meant that we typically only got three channels, plus fuzzy versions of Fox and PBS if we were lucky or the winds were blowing just right.  Then it was on to University, where I didn’t have my own television set or computer.  (Even if I had had my own computer, this was still long before the time of Netflix, Hulu, and even Youtube!)  It wasn’t until I found all the seasons on DVD while I was overseas that I got a chance to really sit down and watch the whole thing!

And watch it I did.  Voraciously.  But, given that there are some 9 seasons all chock full of some of the weirdest dramatic sci-fi ever put to film, I never got around to watching past season 6.

Then, sometime last year, I got wicked sick with a terrible head-cold/flu combination.  Unable to work and being in nearly a constant state of spaciness due to medication, I decided to start the series over and marathon it until I’d watched it all.  It was a good plan, and I got a good ways into season 7 before I had to go back to work.

Now, being out of work completely, I’ve decided to catch up on what I’ve missed for the past decade:  The seasons where Mulder has disappeared, and some weird, long-faced, funny-sounding dude has taken his place.

It was my husband who asked, “Hey, isn’t that the Terminator?”

And by all the planets of the multiverse, he was right!

The T-1000 replaced Fox Mulder.

Only a Terminator was fitting to step in while Mulder stepped out.

That’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever learned.  It also explains why his face is so predominant on the cover of the box set:

Ahhhhhhhhh, I see now, Netflix; This isn’t art for the ENTIRE series. This is just cover art for season 9…

Ever since I started re-watching the series back when I was sick, I’ve been infuriated and inconsolable about that dude’s non-Mulder face being so huge on the image Netflix uses to portray the series.

But now that I see that it’s the Terminator, well…..I guess I have to give you a pass, early 2000s cover artists!


Have you ever been surprised by an actor/actress’ identity in a favorite movie or TV series?  


4 thoughts on “The Liquid Metal Conspiracy

  1. Ha. When that happens, I choose to believe that it really is the same character and the one show is secretly a spinoff of the other. Speculating on how the two worlds could be reconciled can be a lot of fun (if you’re a gigantic TV nerd like me). At one point I determined why/how Sons of Anarchy, Lost, The Dark Knight, Breaking Bad, and The Office were all part of a shared universe. It was pretty groovy.

    1. This one is easy. Obviously, the machines sent the T-1000 back in time to help prevent the aliens from taking over the world in X-Files, so that THEY could later take over the world in Terminator.

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