DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware of the seriousness of clinical depression and how it affects millions of people worldwide, every day. This post is not making light of those people, but rather me making light of myself. πŸ™‚


The other day, I read a blog post entitled β€œA Day In The Life Of A Depressed Person”. As I read through it, I started seeing similarities between this poor lady and my own situation.


Having Problems Sleeping At Night

Me: OMGOMGOMG!!1 I have problems sleeping at night!!1

My Brain: Yeah, but you don’t have insomnia; just a bad bed and entirely too much caffeine. Also, you’re addicted to video games.

Me: Quiet, you! I’m busy figuring out what’s wrong with me!!


Having Problems Staying Awake During The Daytime

Me: OMGOMGOMG!!1 I have problems staying awake during the daytime, and I friggin’ LOVE me a good, long nap!!1

My Brain: That’s because you stay up all night playing The Sims 3 or Fallout or playing around on Facebook!

Me: Didn’t I tell you to be quiet?! I’m freaking out about the possibility of being depressed!!


Reluctance To Leave The House And Interact With Humanity


My Brain: But you’re an introvert! Besides that, you’ve been hanging out with and talking to your friends way more NOW than you did when you were working!

Me: Party-pooper. *crosses arms and pouts*

My Brain: Also, traffic.

Me: *glares at brain*


Taking Various Pills To Deal With Aches & Pains & Anxiety

Me: OMGOMGO- *gets clocked over the head with a flower pot by brain *

My Brain: *sighs* You takes generic Paxil nightly and over-the-counter pain killers for headaches. That’s not even in the same ball park!

Me: Oooog…!


In the end, I obviously don’t have depression. Just Night Owl Syndrome combined with a video game addiction. πŸ™‚



Do you have depression? If so, how does it affect you? If not, why do YOU stay up until 2 AM?


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