When I was working, I always thought to myself of what I would do ‘one day’.

One day….when I didn’t have a day job.

One day….when I could stay home and get caught up on chores.

One day….when I could actually get all the sleep I need/want.

One day, one day, one day.

Well, I’ve had nearly a whole month of  ‘one-days’ now, and things haven’t quite turned out like I thought they would.

For instance, I forgot that chores are not my strong suit.  It isn’t that I outright hate them, really; I just don’t make the connection between “Hey, I need something clean to wear” and “Hey, I need to do laundry” as easily as a lot of folks do.  I can’t explain why; it’s just the way my brain is wired.  I simply don’t think about what I need until I’m actually in need of it.

I guess you could say I’m very much a ‘live-in-the-moment’ kind of person.

For another instance, when I sleep, I sleep HARD.  That is, once I’m actually able to get to sleep.  Unless I’m completely exhausted, it seems nearly impossible for me to actually fall asleep.

Unless it’s daytime.

And I’ve just eaten.

In which case, I will fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

Go figure.


Maybe it’s time for me to get some fake fangs and call it a day..
– Image: Pete Klein Vampires


For a third example, I always said that when I was released from the daily workforce, I’d dye my hair blue-black and go full-tilt Goth.  As it is, I haven’t done that yet.  One reason is because I’ve started to really appreciate my natural hair color.  Now that it’s super-short, I realize the color isn’t really all that bad; the things I hated about my hair were all solved when I (quite literally) chopped it all off.  (A girl’s frustrations are usually taken out on her hair, more than any other body part.)

I also realized that getting stared at isn’t really something I enjoy.  I want to blend in, not stand out, as do many other introverts.  (Don’t get me wrong; I still LOVE the Goth style!  I just wish I could wear it and go about my day without folks staring and pointing it out every five minutes.  -_-;)

Regardless of these difficulties, I’m still hanging on to those goals.  I’ll just have to realize that I’m human, and not super-human.  Or preternatural.


Have you ever had a day-dream that turned out to be more difficult in reality?  How did you keep going in spite of the unforseen challenges?


2 thoughts on “The “One Day” Imperative

  1. Please I beg you stay the way you are natural hair and dress natural I love you this way and NO I do not like people staring at you either because I love you so stay as you are you are beautiful.

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