Well it seems it’s that time of year once again.  The time for creative people to try for something a little different.  A time when professional editors hide in their closets as the sound of millions of people typing furiously is heard all around the world.

It’s time….for National Novel Writing Month.  Or, as I like to call it, Hectic November.  (Last year, I started a separate blog to record all my goings-on in NaNoLand.  This year, I think I’ll just post about it here, since this is a writing blog!)

Last night, exactly at midnight, I refreshed my stats page on my NaNo profile.

The ticker went from “Event not started” to “0 out of 50,000 words completed”.

It was time to take to my keyboard.

I’m not ashamed to admit to you good folks that winning NaNo last year was a big deal to me!  I had tried and burned out a couple of times before, but I could never pin down exactly why.  It certainly wasn’t for lack of story or ability; I usually type like my fingers are on fire, and my characters are causing me constant anxiety about writing down their #@%&ing stories.

What’s more, I’d pretty much written as much as a NaNovel before, a long time ago.  It didn’t make any sense, and was terrible in every possible way…but it was there.  It existed.  So I knew, KNEW, I could win the challenge if I just sat down and committed myself.

Turns out I was right.  It wasn’t even that bad, my NaNovel from last November.  Jumbled, with POV’s and grammar issues hopping around like fleas on a mangy dog, but at least I now knew I could accomplish it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep going with it after that.  I blamed Christmas.

I’m hoping the same thing doesn’t happen this time.  Between Scribophile and my renewed sense that if I don’t get all of this out of my system and into readers’ hands I’ll slowly lose my grip on reality, and the availability of supportive and awesome folks both IRL and online, I’m hoping to actually punch this thing out and make something of this insanity that’s been building in my mind since I was 13 years old!!!   (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I started story-building around the same time I felt I had to quit playing with my She-Ra dolls and My Little Ponies.)

I’m a writer.  Not only that, but I’m that kind of writer…the kind that isn’t just satisfied with putting words on paper or in a Word document.  I’m the kind that has a zillion stories to tell, and has the same need to write them out and express herself as I do to eat breakfast in the morning.

Here’s to hoping I can, with the providence and grace of God, make something of the insanity.


Are YOU doing NaNoWriMo?  NaBloPoMo?  SheWriMo?  Or have you decided to sit it out this year?  


10 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Continuum

    1. Don’t freak out. 😀 1700 words a day really isn’t as much as it sounds. It’s about the length of a couple of blog posts.

      If you want to add me on NaNo’s site, I’ll add you back! 😀 I’m chinalizard there.

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