The sound of the self-employed and the studious enveloped her as she walked through the door of the coffee shop.

This was the reason she came here.  This was why she had forced herself to get dressed, grab her laptop and MP3 player, and take the short drive down to the corner.

It always inspired her, the activity in this place.  People working on their dreams, people talking about their experiences, people simply wanting to find a nice place to read the newspaper.  It was one of the few places she could come and be among people without having to interact with them.  She could observe, think, and write all at the same time.

At the house, the only thing to observe was the dog and whatever was on television.  The dog slept most of the time, and television got endlessly boring after so long.

No, this was much better.  She could think here in a way that home just didn’t usually afford.

All she had to do was remember her headphones to block out the million sounds of conversations around her and mediocre music coming from the speakers.

As long as she had her music and her laptop, it was the perfect place to watch.  The perfect place to relax.

The perfect place…to write.

Just a small blurb on how I’m feeling this morning.  🙂

Question:  Where are you and what are you doing this fine Hump Day morning?


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