I am faced with a conundrum lately, folks.  One that needs a solution.

Let me explain further:  Our kitchen is small.  Just about every inch is taken up with necessary small appliances, so adding a coffee pot on top of that just doesn’t work out.  This is one reason why I have an electric kettle instead of a coffee maker.

Yet, I NEED my coffee!  Whether it’s getting late at night and I have a NaNoWriMo word count to raise, or it’s the morning and I just need to stay up in general, I NEED coffee.

The first obvious solution would be to just buy instant, but let’s be honest:  Instant coffee isn’t tasty, and it’s expensive.   Besides that, I hate buying more of something when I already have a variety of that product on hand.  (Seriously, this is one of my pet peeves.)

So, what do?

Well, I’ve come up with a solution, and thus far, it’s worked out pretty well!

Step 1:  Fill coffee mug with water.  Pour water into electric kettle.  Turn on kettle.

Step 2:  Take paper coffee filter and insert into cup.  Fold edges of filter over edges of cup.

Step 3:  Measure appropriate amount of coffee (preferably espresso) into coffee filter.

Step 4:  Once water is finished heating, pour hot water SLOWLY and CAREFULLY over coffee in coffee filter.  (Be sure the filter is folded over the edge of the cup well, so that it doesn’t fall into the cup during the brewing process.

Step 5:  Once cup is full of water, wait a few moments for water to sink through coffee filter.

Step 6:  Very SLOWLY and CAREFULLY lift filter out of cup.  (Filter will be hot when lifted out.)  Hold filter over cup and allow the extra water to drain through coffee and filter into cup.

Step 7:  Once all the water has drained through filter and coffee into cup, throw filter with used grounds away.

Step 8:  (Optional)  Pour in creamer and sugar or sugar substitute.

Step 9:  Enjoy!  😀

Question:  What do you think of this method?  Have you had to do things in a different way to enjoy a common beverage or food before?  What was it and what did you do?  Share your genius!  


4 thoughts on “The Espresso Solution

  1. Are you sure you are not a process Writer / Engineer???? One other thought, I just can’t see my wife making coffee using your process in the morning!!! Step 10 could be; Complete steps 1-7 at night before bed if you have trouble functioning in the morning. Re-Heat in micro wave when capable in the morning. Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

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