I realize that a lot of you (all three of you) have your hackles up right now just from the title of this post.  I urge you to push them down.  Or, if that’s impossible, you may want to avoid this post altogether so that you don’t have a heart attack and die.

Continuing on, eh?

Well, ok then.  Don’t say I never tried to look out for you.  🙂


This is a topic I’ve been meaning to write on for a while, but it’s become more keen to me in the last month or so.  Ever since I lost my job, I’ve been much happier than I have in years.  And, oddly enough, part of that has been from having the freedom and the time to Get Things Done.

I don’t mean novels or video games or anything like that.  I’m talking about chores.

Laundry.  Dishes.  Vacuuming.  Making the bed.  Grocery shopping.

I actually have the energy to do these things now.  The motivation.

Granted, I’m still not perfect at it, nor is it something I consider a higher priority than my physical health, but I’m able to do it!

What’s more, I’m having a harder and harder time trying to convince myself that I want to both take care of home stuff AND have a full-time job.  I don’t know if it’s just because I can’t handle much pressure, or if part of me considers home-making to be a full-time job in and of itself, but I’d rather be at home getting things neat and organized than sitting in an office staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day.

Yet, when I was a teenager, it was impressed upon me by no one in particular that if I can’t do both, and do both IMMACULATEY, then I was some kind of traitor to feminist ideals.

This, my friends, is of course ridiculous.

The point of feminism, the original point, was to give women the same rights as men…not pile more duties on to us than we already had!

Unfortunately, it’s the latter that has somehow become the norm rather than the former.  We have the right to vote (which honestly does no good in this country when you start thinking about how the electoral college works), we have the right to hold a job (even though we usually get paid less for the same work), and we have the right to drive (which I sometimes wish I didn’t, so I wouldn’t be expected to).

My brain behind the wheel.


So, while I enjoy the freedoms I have to the nth degree, I sometimes find myself wishing that the expectations weren’t as grand.

I’m only one little flawed human being.  I can only do so much, Feminazis.  And, God help me, I’d rather do chores than have a regular job and try to “do it all”.

Question:  Do you think my use of Feminazi is appropriate here?  Too strong?  Not strong enough?  What are your thoughts on feminism?


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