If you are a part of NaNoWriMo, you can read the chart above and see that I’m severely behind on my word count.  However, I’m confident in my ability to bring it up over the next week or so, and win this thing.


That being said, I’m not sure I understand folks who have word counts well over the daily prescribed amount, but still complain about how they have “no time to write”.  Perhaps it’s just me, but if I was ahead by a few thousand words, I’d feel like giving myself a cookie, relaxing with some hot chocolate, and watching a fantastic movie!


But yet, there are these mystifying people.  People who, either because of NaNo or in spite of it, have fallen so in love with writing that they feel they must write every single second of every single day.  It’s awesome!!  It’s wonderful!!  But it’s not worth failing Algebra for.


As it is, I still can’t decide if NaNo helps folks to venture out and do something they’d never considered before, or if it’s something primarily used as an excuse to have a little down-time in the middle of a hectic holiday like Thanksgiving.


QUESTION:  What is your word count?  Are you behind or ahead?


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