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Recently, my husband and I were discussing Silent Hill 2.  I’ve been wanting to play through it for a while, so he had ordered  me a copy of it for the original X-Box; he had seen online how, as far as modern transfers go, this was the one that transferred the best from the old system to the new.

While this may be the best option for getting SH2 to play on a newer system (I was playing it on the 360), it still had some quirks that ended in Bad Times.


Click pic for relevant video.
“If you 360 when you’re supposed to original X-Box, you’re gonna have a bad time.”


Essentially, I died three times in a row.  This was just more than the game could handle; it threw a tantrum and locked itself in its room.

I. E., it locked up and refused to play any more.

The only option was for me to completely delete my saves and start all over.

This, my friends, is pure rubbish, especially for a horror survival game where my main weapon is a plank of wood with a nail in it.

In discussing this, my husband made an acute observation.  “These old games just don’t do as well on the new systems as the old, and just don’t look as good on high-def TV as they do on CRTs.”


A. K. A., the TV you most likely grew up with.


This led to a discussion of how cool it would be to have a retro gaming room, with as many of the old systems hooked up to an old CRT as we could get our hands on!

Truth be told, he had almost all the systems already; my husband’s been an avid gamer almost since video games were a thing, and had the sense to hang on to most of them.  He even had an old-style cable switch box that would allow one to switch from PS2 to XBox to Cable, etc. etc.!  The only thing we needed was the old-style TV, which we acquired rather easily from one of the many “antique” shops around our area.  (Word to the wise:  Just because it’s old does NOT mean it’s valuable.  Take care of something if you want to call it an antique, folks.)

So we now have our very own retro gaming room, complete with:

Sega Genesis

— Original Nintendo

— PS1

— PS2

— Original X-Box

— Game Cube

All that in addition to our modern systems, Games, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and loads of books means that no one who visits our house should ever be bored!

Unless, of course, you have something against watching movies, playing games, and/or reading books.  😉

QUESTION:  Do you enjoy retro games?  What’s a game or movie you have fond memories of growing up?


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