I never quite understood why a cat hated a random weekday.  As a general rule, cats don’t do much, even cartoon ones.  Garfield sits around the house, either picking on his roommates or trying to find something to eat.  He has no job to go to, no appointments to keep, no nothing else to do.  What’s more, his owner works at home, with a flexible schedule.  So why does he hate Mondays so much?

I’ll tell you why:  Because Mondays, as a general rule, have a weird sort of dark magic about them.  Especially Mondays right after a big holiday like Thanksgiving.

This morning, I ran into a few spots of that bad voodoo, though fortunately it hasn’t been anything serious….yet!!

This morning, I was preparing for the tutoring session I had at 10 AM.  I decided to go to the library and copy off the relevant pages, and be ahead of the game for once.  I left the library, and went directly to my student’s house.  But just as we were getting into the lesson, she informed me that we’d already done that one.

And so we had.

It was no big deal; a small kick in the pride, at most, but I still felt the sting.  We went on to the next lesson, sharing the student book like we usually do, with me feeling completely silly for having copied the wrong lesson.

The rest of the session went well.  I went from there back to the library, determined to get my NaNo word count up!  (If I try to write at home by myself, there’s just far too many distractions, whether the Husband is there or not.)

Ladies and gents, I had even packed my lunch so that I wouldn’t be starving while I was at the library!  I ate a little of it before going in, even, so I’d have a full tummy and NO REASON TO LEAVE.

I sat down in the chair, got out my laptop and all, unzipped the front pocket of the Netbook‘s bag…and found that I’d forgotten the power cord.

To say I was miffed is putting it lightly.

“But hey,” I thought to myself, “I’ll stay as long as I have some battery power!”

Nooooope; battery power was down to 10%, and wasn’t in it for the long haul.

I packed up my things, went back out to my car, and drove home.

Though none of this is super-dramatic, it is quite cumbersome.

All thanks to Monday’s dark sorcery.

QUESTION:  Is Monday cursed?  What do you do to cure the Monday blues?


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