CHRISTMAS (Griswalds + Squirrel)

The holidays always stress me out.


Yet, every year, when all the stockings have been emptied and all presents unwrapped and all relatives visited with, I wonder why I stressed out so much.  I have a lot of fun once I actually get to the Christmas gatherings, or actually give folks their presents and send them their cards.

Yet every year, from the weekend before Thanksgiving straight through to New Years‘, I am just a  bundle of nerves.

This year, it’s double-stress because of the big U — Unemployment.  I’m Unemployed, a word that, these days, might as well be a proper noun.

As such, I’ve had something of a George Costanza mentality over the past few weeks, realizing all the money he’s losing during the march out.

Granted, I didn’t quit, but it’s still the same idea about feeling that first twinge of freedom right before the war hammer of “Holy crap, I’m poor again!!” swings down to hit you square in the gut.

In my logical processors, I know that we’ll be okay, and that we’re far from destitute.  In my inner spiritual sanctum, I know that God will take care of us.

But then there’s that voice of panic that wants me to do little else than sit and stare, contemplating how terrible everything is (even though it’s not) and how untalented I am (I have skillz) and how hopeless everything is (even though I fully believe that this life is definitely not the end!).

I’ve let that voice of panic take over far too much these past few weeks.  It’s time to put it out of its misery, and enjoy the lights, good smells, and happy celebrations of friends, family, and a little baby born in Bethlehem some two millenia ago.


What holiday do you celebrate around this time?  What do you do to celebrate?


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