Happy New Year-2

As I write this, there is only an hour left in 2012.  In 60 minutes or less, 2013 will be upon us with all of its hopes and dreams.

As I look back on 2012, there are a few things I will remember.  On the negative side, there were a lot more shootings of schools and other public places.  (May God comfort the beloved of the fallen.)

On the positive, and somewhat surprising, side, I’ve not heard of any cults going all David Koresh or Hailey’s comet, which is something of a surprise to me, considering.

As for me personally, I’ll come away with some good memories:  my first missions trip in seven years, seeing an old friend for the first time in forever, and being forced to move on in my career, (whether I wanted to or not).

In the end, it was a good year.  I have a few regrets, (mostly related to lack of self-motivation) but I can’t say it’s been a bad year!

Then again, any year that Bethesda decides to put out not just one, but TWO expansions to my current favorite game (and use one of my most favorite fictional mythoses to boot!) has ‘a good year’ written all over it.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Name three things you loved about 2012, and three that you disliked.  They can be general or personal. 


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