Sometimes I read things like Jon Acuff’s recent blog post, and I have to stop myself from replying with the following:

“All my life I’ve worked towards average. Being ‘unique’ or ‘special’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

I have to stop myself from saying that because I know that he’s not talking about emotional or psychological stability. He’s not saying, “Be weird! Be strange! Be downright DEMENTED!!”

Yet, that’s what I think, almost immediately, whenever I see someone lamenting how average things are.

What they are saying isn’t “I wish that nuclear bombs would fall so I can be more traumatized than I could ever imagine.” Rather, they’re saying, “I’m bored,” or “I’m tired of being bored; how can I change that for the better.”

Today, I’m going to try and remember not to be bored.

Today, I celebrate the creativity that years and years of hardship brought me.

Today, I let my abnormality shine through, with God’s blessing.


What do you consider “normal”? Do you prefer “normal”, or do you want to be different? In what way do you want to stand out from the crowd?


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