An open letter to a particular physical book store that will likely soon be out of business if it doesn’t shape up soon.

Dear [Popular Book Store]:

I am not happy with you.

I do not understand why you won’t provide the public with free wi-fi, especially when your kind is in very real danger of dying out.  What incentive is there for me to patronize your cafe if you insist on charging for your services?

In this economy, folks aren’t willing to pay your fees for your “discount” card (which is hardly a discount at all) just to use the Internet.  Nor are they willing to pay $4.95 per day to have it, when they are only going to be in your store for a couple of hours.

We are more likely to go to the coffee shop with our laptops, our tablets, and yes, even our e-readers.

You are the only game left in town; all of your brothers and sisters are dead, or have ascended to the Web!

It’s time for you to start getting competitive if you want to survive.

It’s time for you to accept the inevitable, and allow free internet for everyone at your store.

It is time…to evolve.


L. A. Howard


Question for the Masses:  

Are physical bookstores doomed?  Why or why not?


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