They did it.  I don’t know how they did it, but they did it.

Microsoft actually managed to make an operating system worse than ME. 

I didn’t think it was possible.  I thought they had learned their lesson 12 years ago…

But perhaps some lessons need to be learned.

Perhaps, some terrors need to be remembered.

The horror.....the horror....
The horror…..the horror….

It seemed innocent when it came out.

It seemed as if it would change everything.

But we weren’t expecting this. 

We assumed that Microsoft had an understanding with us.  Much like misguided lovers, we thought we knew where we stood.

We were not expecting the ultimatum.

What had we done to deserve this?  Had we slighted our lover in some inconceivable way?  Why were we being treated so harshly?

Not for the first time (but perhaps the first time in a long, long time), we found ourselves flipping to Apple’s number.  Sure, Apple was snooty and stuck-up, but at least we always knew where we stood with him.  Plus, we had to admit, he always had the coolest toys.

Rest In Peace..?
Rest In Peace..?

But we shut that door long ago, when we realized how few games we could play with Apple.  The games it wanted to play were childlike, simple.  Shooting birds at pigs or dropping misshapen blocks on to each other.

We craved more.  We knew we’d never be complete without Steam, Microsoft’s new friend.  (Steam had tried to be friends with Apple as well, but Apple had snubbed it for reasons unknown.  Perhaps it was the blue-jean jacket that Steam favored over silk-lined ones..)

So, we sent an ultimatum of our own to Microsoft.  We told him that he had no right to treat us like this, and we weren’t going to put up with it!

He may think that we must change in order to stay with him.

He…is dead-wrong.

QUESTION FOR THE MASSES:  What do you think of Windows 8?  Have you played around with it yet?  Do you think it is a viable option for laptops and desktops? 


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