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for all expansions from Fallout: New Vegas.

I've never wanted to punch a building in the face so badly..
I’ve never wanted to punch a building in the face so badly..

Over the past month or so, I’ve really gone to town with Fallout: New Vegas.  I’ve defeated the Legion AND the NCR at Hoover Dam with my robot army; I’ve walked The Lonesome Road and dealt with some Old World Blues.  Now, I’m currently trying to avoid getting my head blown off in the Sierra Madre.

However, it seems I’ve done everything backwards;  I did Lonesome Road first (the clouds reminded me of the ones in The Dark Tower.)   

The Lonesome Road is even wastelandier than The Wastelands.  It may even be the wastelandiest of The  Wastelands. What I’m saying is, there’s junk.  EVERYWHERE.  And also these teeth…things…with claws….EVERYWHERE.  I’d give it about a B+, though, because it really took the whole idea of being a courier (i. e., a glorified mailman and package deliverer) to a whole new, weirdly philosophical level.

The correct response to this is “AAAAAAAH!’.

Having finished walking with ED-E and black Bane Ulysses (and, by proxy, blowing the ever-lovin’ PANTS off of both Caesar’s Legion and the NCR), I moved on to that curious satellite that kept showing the video of the upside-down eye.  I have to say, I was NOT disappointed with Old World Blues!  Undoubtedly the most fun of the three, I found myself loving my little psychotic robot friends…even if I *did* have to keep battling robo-scorpians.

After being done with both of those, and thus hearing a great deal about the Sierra Madre, I decided to check out that last expansion.  I had heard it was the least fun of all of them, but hope springs ever eternal….as does a gamer’s pride in being able to finish it all.

They weren’t kidding.  Dead Money is just the WORST!

As it is right now, I have only *just* entered the casino itself, and only by realizing that I no longer care about making it through this expansion with my pride intact; my pride died out along with the brains of folks stuck in

Otherwise known as, “My bestest friend in the Mojave!”

biohazard suits!  I, who have sworn off god modes, found myself pressing the ol’ tilde ( ~ ) button, and typing in ‘tgm’ … ‘the god mode’.

That, and I added about 20 stimpacks and my old friend, the Q-35 Matter Modulator, to my arsenal.

I just…I couldn’t take it any more!  I think that the game designers realized that taking all of a courier’s equipment and armor away from her was a Bad Idea, which is why they haven’t tried that crap with any of the other expansions.

I plan on just getting through this expansion as quickly as I possibly can, so I can get back to the Mojave and do everything I haven’t done there yet.

Pray for me, that I don’t lose my temper with Father Elijah…the nuttiest one of them all.

Friggin’ bomb collars, man…seriously…

QUESTION FOR THOSE WHO READ:  Have you played Fallout:  New Vegas?  Did you make any robot friends?  Have you gone through hardcore mode?  


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