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Next month is Camp NaNoWriMo, April 2013 edition.  Huzzah!

Normally I would have blogged about this earlier, but alas, the affliction of woman was upon me.  In other words, I was too moody and irritable to write a proper post.  (Nowadays, that’s the only time I truly hate being female, but that’s another post for another time.)

But now that Aunt Irma (as the British say) has gone back home for another three weeks, I can tell all you good folks how very, very excited I am for April!  It seems that the folks over at Camp NaNo are beginning to learn what works…and what really doesn’t.  This year, they’ve included such nice things as setting your own word count.  I. E., if you feel you can only do 500 words, you can input that.  Or, if you feel you can do 100K, you can do that.  It’s totally up to you!  Me personally, I’m going to go for somewhere between 25K and 30K, due to knowing how off and on I tend to be with my writing.

Second, they’re going to give us more than a month in between camps.  Last year, the first Camp NaNo wasn’t until June, but the second one was almost right after it, in August.  That seemed a bit much for most Nanites, considering that most of us are good to get 50K for official NaNo down in November each year!  I was proud to crap out 51K in June, with nearly making 42K in August, but it wasn’t easy.  Or salvageable.  Or enjoyable.  But this year, the first Camp will be in April, with the second session being in July.  I predict this will work out MUCH better for most Nanites!

Keyboard construction, in four layers, of a ty...
Not to mention over-taxed keyboards

I understand why they tried to do it twice last summer; their one session they had been offering in the summertime was a huge success, and they felt that folks would want to do it a second time!  However, there’s several forces working against an August Camp.  First, that’s when most kids are headed back to school.  That’s a stressful, busy time for, say, 75% of NaNites…parents, parental guardians, teachers, kids, teenagers, college students, etc.  Second, how can it be summer camp if it isn’t in summer?  (This, at least, is one of my suspicions.)  To answer that, I’m going to say “SPRING BREAK!”  While I’m sure most folks aren’t exactly making a hike into the woods for spring break, it’s not out of the realm of probability.  So I’m going to say that this first Camp NaNo is a representation of Spring Break, because that’s what my brain needs to make the association okay.  🙂

“But a month-long Spring Break??” I hear you ask.  In a (fictional) world where you go to school/work for 9 months out of the year, with 1-month breaks in April, July, and of course November….yes.  Make it all British if you have to.  (Ah, the British, with their…holidays…)

Kits Beach
“Fancy a trip to the beach?”  “Sure, I need to check on my concrete piping anyway.”

What’s more, you can list your genre as literally anything!  It doesn’t have to be fiction.  Or, in the vernacular, you won’t have to be a NaNo “Rebel” in order to write your memoir, or biography, or other non-fiction genre.

For me, I’m going to be working on a memoir of my own.  Granted, I’m only in my mid-30s, but a lot has happened in the past three and a half decades!  TOO much for me to keep inside.

I’ve attempted a memoir of sorts before, but never stuck with it.  This time around, I’m going to sit down and do it.  Whether or not it will ever see the light of day is a completely different issue.  (I like to picture that some ancestor of mine, some great niece or nephew several times removed, finds an old, dusty copy of my writings in an attic somewhere.  They sit down and devour it with their eclectic circle of friends, thus beginning some epic adventure a la The Goonies.)

I am One-Eyed Willie!  Only with two eyes.   And boobs.  And skin.

I’ve already written out my outline, which includes a great deal more of my overseas experiences than I expected.  We’ll have to see next month how closely I’m able to follow it.

If you want to check out Camp NaNoWriMo, click the banner at the top of this post, or go to the Camp NaNo forum on NaNoWriMo’s official site.


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