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1. Depending on what you’re wearing, you can either look borderline thin or borderline obese. One false move — one ill-fitting shirt or unflattering pair of jeans — and all of a sudden you’re FAT.

2. People who haven’t seen you in awhile tell you that you look “healthy” and then you cry because you know that just means that you have a fleshier mid-section.

3. Nothing fits exactly the way you want it to. And then when you want to wear something too big that hides your body, you just look even fatter. Only truly skinny people can look good in oversized clothing. If someone a little bit fat wears something that’s a size too big, it just looks like an unfortunate accident.

4. You start to wonder if strangers see you on the street and identify you as being fat. You don’t weigh enough to have it…

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