It’s been three years since I last updated my blog, The Written Nerd.  I can’t tell you why I stopped writing; as I’m sure all of you can relate, it’s not a conscious decision.  It simply happens, until I realize that hey, I really do enjoy writing.

Getting back on the saddle, as it were, is easy the first day.  It’s even easier if there is a NaNoWriMo event going on.  (That’s National Novel Writing Month for the uninformed.)  Right now, Camp NaNoWriMo is going on, and per the usual, I’ve decided to at least try.  My goal is the full 50K, but that largely depends on my mood, my environment, and my schedule.  Given that my diet is swiftly changing to a much, much healthier one, I’m hoping that my mood will improve as well!

Camp NaNo, as it’s usually called, is a mini-version of the full November experience.  In the past several years, the Nano staff have experimented with times and dates and frequency of it, and seemed to have settled on having it once during spring and once during summer.  That makes this, April 4 of 2016, the fourth day of the first Camp NaNo for 2016.

Part of me is concerned that my writerly notions have developed the habit of only showing up three times a year, for about a month (or less) each time.  While this may be incredible for someone who isn’t used to writing, it pretty much spells death for someone who wants to be taken seriously as a fiction/story writer.

On the other hand, I live in perpetual fear of putting my stories out in the public eye for all to see.  I’m not afraid of what loved ones would think; I can fairly guess their opinions, and none of them bug me really.  Rather, I’m afraid of the cruel and harsh critiques of Internet trolls and the general public who want to make it their mission to tear me down emotionally through unnecessarily cruel criticisms.

What’s more, there is so much personal history and such wrapped up in the stories I’ve already written…well over two hundred thousand words if I had to guess a rounded total…that I don’t know if I could emotionally handle putting those stories out in the public eye.

Yet, my brain is stuck on these particular characters, in their particular fictional city, and I can’t seem to not relate my stories to them in some way.  (If you have ever waded through Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, you’ll understand this phenomenon.)

To put it simply, I’m in love with my own fictional world.  All dimensions and timelines and characters of it.  Of which there’s a ridiculous amount.

If I ever do publish, then the day that someone I don’t know comes to me and says they love my story will probably be the weirdest – yet best – day of my life.  Whenever I write, I write for that day.

Maybe I need to make a meme about it, print it, and put it up somewhere that I can see it every day.

Just maybe.

Question of the Day:  Have you ever participated in a NaNoWriMo event?  Are you participating in Camp Nano this month?  What are your thoughts on scheduled tri-monthly, self-imposed writing competitions?  


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