Welcome to The Written Nerd!  Though the main reason of this blog is for me to send my ideas out into the world, I also hope to help and encourage fellow artists and writers out there.  Creating can be a difficult process, as well as getting your creations out in the world for all to see.  Hopefully, the following pages will help to inspire, encourage, and inform you on your way to artistic and literary greatness!

Awards & Prizes.  As the title says, this page is a list of various awards and prizes you can either give to others, or seek out for yourself.  (If you have come across something you think I should add, please feel free to comment below!)

Get Writing!  This page lists all of the writing contests that I’m currently aware of.  It’s a little different than “Awards & Prizes”; this page is more about finding inspiration to start writing, and less about winning a badge, publishing deal, or prize money.

Home.  Not that it needs mentioning, but this is where my posts can be found.

More content to be added as I become aware of it!  As always, if there is something you’ve come across that you feel I need to include, then please let me know by commenting below!


4 thoughts on “Table of Contents

    1. Huh. That’s an idea. I didn’t know you could create a project on CreateSpace without having a finished product in-hand..

      OTOH, I keep worrying over whether to self-publish or go with a publishing house. I’d rather go with a publishing house, but I don’t have a finished product..

      Oh, the circles I put my brain in…x_x;;;;

  1. I am a fellow writer with a dream of publishing and I am looking forward to following your blog! I would also love to get your feedback on some of my writing if you have time… Wishing you all the best!

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