Creativity and Impatience

To [write] fiction or non-fiction; THAT is the question!
To [write] fiction or non-fiction; THAT is the question!

Camp NaNo approaches!  Just another week, and it will be here!

I have to admit, I’ve been second-guessing my topic a lot lately.  While I know the memoir needs to be written, there are quite a few Lovecraftian-like monsters dwelling in there that I don’t want to unearth!

But still, I’m going to at least attempt it.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

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Next month is Camp NaNoWriMo, April 2013 edition.  Huzzah!

Normally I would have blogged about this earlier, but alas, the affliction of woman was upon me.  In other words, I was too moody and irritable to write a proper post.  (Nowadays, that’s the only time I truly hate being female, but that’s another post for another time.)

But now that Aunt Irma (as the British say) has gone back home for another three weeks, I can tell all you good folks how very, very excited I am for April! Read more

The Coughatory Upset


For most of this week, my body has been trying to catch a cold.  It’s no surprise; the weather down here in Dixieland has been pretty nasty.  First cold, then unusually warm, then freezing rain for a few days followed by real cold weather.

It’s when the weather does its schizophrenic thing that I usually catch something.  I could almost set a clock by it, it’s that predictable!

So yesterday morning, around 9 AM, I’m just sitting at my desk working on stuff ‘n’ things, when a coughing fit shows up out of nowhere.  And it’s not one of these “I just drank something and it went down the wrong way” kind of coughs.  It’s a “Holy cow, did I just cough up a lung?” kind.

Thus started the epic battle between me and my body.  One thing I loathe more than anything else, perhaps even traffic, is being sick.  I’m no fan of pain, and don’t like being held down by anything, much less my own body!

After taking beaucoup of vitamin C supplements, plenty of hot throat soothing tea flavored with honey, eating chicken noodle soup, and getting plenty of rest yesterday….I still felt funky later that night.

There was only one thing left to do.

I didn’t want to.

I knew the ramifications.

But there was nothing else for it.

I had….to take Nyquil.

I took it early enough, around 9:30 PM.  Unfortunately, acetametaphine and I do not have a good relationship.  Or, rather, our relationship is too good!  It knocks me out, sure.

For nearly 24 hours.

Not.  Kidding.

I will always try to fight against it.  I’ll try to force myself to get up, to drink caffeine and eat a hearty meal so I can get back to stuff ‘n’ things,  but it never works.  The only thing for it is to sleep it off.

I don’t fair much better with Dayquil, either.  Perhaps not quite as sleepy, but still ridiculously, I-shouldn’t-be-driving, why-is-there-a-fairy-sitting-on-my-unicorn groggy.

So that’s why I haven’t updated until today.  🙂

But fear not, dear Readers!  For I have updated my newest project, Green Tea To Go!, wherein Kitty Awesome has also fallen ill due to her overlong trip, but must forage in a foreign land for basic necessities regardless!  What wonders will she encounter in the markets of Sad River City?!  We shall soon see…

That being said, if there’s a nerdy, geeky, or just plain weird topic you’d like me to expound on, please comment below.  I LOVE COMMENTS!!!!

She’s Got The Look! (A Short Post on Themes.)

Today is a very dull, gray day outside.  I guess that’s why I’m in the mood for something shiny and new!

Also today, I have changed my theme to Book Lite.  Don’t get me wrong; I thought that Runo was cool, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied.  I like the Book Lite theme better for at least one reason:  The font is larger.  And, in the realm of Those Who Wear Glasses, that’s a big deal!

It just looks cleaner to me, for some reason.  Cleaner, better organized, larger font – call me a sucker for a pretty design!  Plus, it puts me in the mood to write, what with the book-like font and style.

Feel free to look in on this official WordPress blog post if you’re in the mood for something a little different yourself!

The NaNoWriMo Continuum

Well it seems it’s that time of year once again.  The time for creative people to try for something a little different.  A time when professional editors hide in their closets as the sound of millions of people typing furiously is heard all around the world.

It’s time….for National Novel Writing Month.  Or, as I like to call it, Hectic November.  (Last year, I started a separate blog to record all my goings-on in NaNoLand.  This year, I think I’ll just post about it here, since this is a writing blog!)

Last night, exactly at midnight, I refreshed my stats page on my NaNo profile.

The ticker went from “Event not started” to “0 out of 50,000 words completed”.

It was time to take to my keyboard.

I’m not ashamed to admit to you good folks that winning NaNo last year was a big deal to me!  I had tried and burned out a couple of times before, but I could never pin down exactly why.  It certainly wasn’t for lack of story or ability; I usually type like my fingers are on fire, and my characters are causing me constant anxiety about writing down their #@%&ing stories.

What’s more, I’d pretty much written as much as a NaNovel before, a long time ago.  It didn’t make any sense, and was terrible in every possible way…but it was there.  It existed.  So I knew, KNEW, I could win the challenge if I just sat down and committed myself.

Turns out I was right.  It wasn’t even that bad, my NaNovel from last November.  Jumbled, with POV’s and grammar issues hopping around like fleas on a mangy dog, but at least I now knew I could accomplish it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep going with it after that.  I blamed Christmas.

I’m hoping the same thing doesn’t happen this time.  Between Scribophile and my renewed sense that if I don’t get all of this out of my system and into readers’ hands I’ll slowly lose my grip on reality, and the availability of supportive and awesome folks both IRL and online, I’m hoping to actually punch this thing out and make something of this insanity that’s been building in my mind since I was 13 years old!!!   (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I started story-building around the same time I felt I had to quit playing with my She-Ra dolls and My Little Ponies.)

I’m a writer.  Not only that, but I’m that kind of writer…the kind that isn’t just satisfied with putting words on paper or in a Word document.  I’m the kind that has a zillion stories to tell, and has the same need to write them out and express herself as I do to eat breakfast in the morning.

Here’s to hoping I can, with the providence and grace of God, make something of the insanity.


Are YOU doing NaNoWriMo?  NaBloPoMo?  SheWriMo?  Or have you decided to sit it out this year?  

The VirusComix Discovery

Art in poster property of “Subnormality” webcomic creator, Winston Roundtree.


Though it’s been around for years, I’ve only just started reading through the webcomic Subnormality lately.

And I must say, it is my kind of humor.

In other words, as each of those individual strips proves, it’s off-beat, weird imagery is reminiscent of the Looney Tunes and The Far Side humor I was raised on.  Just absolutely love it!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still all about xkcd and Wondermark (not to mention Real Life Comics which, eerily enough, reflect my and my husband’s lives a little too accurately), but still, something new and different (or at least new to me) is always welcome!


What about you good nerds and nerdettes out there?  What online comic do you really relate to, if any?  

The Freelance Shuffle

Catchphrase courtesy of local friends. 🙂

Finding work as a beginning freelancer is an interesting experience, especially for a “realist” like myself.

On the one hand, I am grateful for friends who have given me some excellent advice and possibly even leads with English tutoring and the like.

On the other, I don’t fully trust the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong; the Internet can be an awesome, wonderful source for encouragement and job/career sources.  But, how do you know what to trust?  How do you know where to post your profile?  What about the ever-paranoid fear that some weirdo stalker will find your profile on  These are the kinds of thoughts running through my mind.

I have to remember that, as scary as the world can be, I have a Guardian, a God who loves me and who is willing to help me if I will only ask for that help.  I have to remember that all these paranoid fears are just that – Paranoia.  I’ve never been stalked, my life has never been seriousely threatened by another person (though there have been some less-than-friendly animals I’ve run into), and in general, I feel like I know how to avoid bad situations when I’m out and about on my own.

I need to remember all this, and continue relying on the greatest Protector and Motivator of them all, and not give in to the fear and anxiety that the enemy throws my way.

Even if the enemy is me.  🙂

Question:  How do you deal with job/career search anxiety and fear?  What are the best and worst methods you’ve found of dealing with such things?  

“Green Tea To Go” – A Travel Writing Blog

Credit:  'Women On The Road' blog.  (Click pic to go to site.)Travel writing is described by as, “A form of creative nonfiction in which the narrator’s encounters with foreign places serve as the dominant subject.”

In other words, it is what it sounds like:  Writing about one’s travels.

I’ve done a great deal of writing in my time, and a great deal of traveling.  More than I could ever remember of either, really!  Yet, I’ve been sorely lax in combining the two.

My other blog, Green Tea To Go, is a further attempt for me to change this.  On this blog, I will enchant and thrill you with stories of the Orient, of Latin America, and even of some more Stateside adventures I’ve had!

The green tea popsicle — One of the odder things I’ve encountered.

If you like the idea of traveling, and enjoy a good story, please check it out.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Question: Do you enjoy traveling?  If so, where have you traveled OR where would you like to travel?  What is your dream destination?  

Sword and Laser: Foundation

The good folks over at Geek and Sundry have made a wondrous thing, something that makes my inner teen bibliophile quiver with anticipation!

It’s called Sword and Laser.  It’s a book club for anyone interested in fantasy or sci-fi books.

I had seen the ads for it for a while, but didn’t watch it until recently.  (Recently being “this past Monday”)  Finally, I sat myself down and watched.

Not only are they discussing books, but on the first episode, they’re discussing an old favorite of mine – The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov.

I read this book series in the mid-90s, when I was but a wee girl of some teenage years.  I was at the library with my dad, complaining about the Dewey decimal system, when he put a bright-orange, hard-bound version with the first three books in my hands.

That, my friend, led to a LOT more books!

Alas, ’twas quite some time ago that I read at least four of the books (the trilogy plus one of the sequals) and started one of the prequels.  Thus, I’m afraid I don’t remember much of them beyond “The Mule” and the term “psychohistory”.  (You’d think that would mean the history of psychos, but no.  No it does not.)

Thus I’m now re-reading the first book, “Foundation”, on my Kindle.  If this continues, I may just become an Isaac Asimov fan all over again!

Questions:  What is your favorite genre of book?  What do you think of a book club online?    What do you think of Isaac Asimov?